What is the Best Portable PA System?


Are you in the market for a public address system? You’ll find a lot of selections available as well as many different options. Before you make your purchase, consider all the benefits a portable PA system provides. Here are some tips for choosing the best portable PA system for your needs.

What Is Your Mobility Needs?

Do you frequently travel to give lectures or seminars? Some places may have their own PA systems but if you visit small schools or other organizations, you may need to bring your own equipment with you, and this means you need things as light and compact as possible.

Maybe you are a high school sports coach, auctioneer, or someone who works with groups of people out of doors. The best portable PA system for you should have three essential features:

  • Lightweight – look for convenient handles and a system that is compact.
  • Loud – should have a capacity of at least 116 decibels
  • Easy to carry about

Other Important Features

As you search for the best portable PA system, be sure to check out these features:

  • Bluetooth – there may be times when you need a dependable wireless connection, and Bluetooth technology is simple, lightweight, and very easy to operate.
  • AC/DC power – this is an excellent option, as it allows you to conserve your battery power.
  • Wireless receivers – they are very convenient, and there’s no need to be concerned with wires. Choose units with at least 16 channels and UHF frequency. This will help to eliminate interference from many outside audio sources.
  • Output for external speakers – this is very important as it lets you add to your system when needed.

Best Portable PA System for Emergency Responders

Are you a professional with emergency response capabilities? Perhaps you sometimes work with crowd control? Look for personal PA systems with the ability to deliver clear and concise sound, so people can hear and understand your directions. Here are PA system features to consider:

  • Very lightweight – you can buy some personal PA systems that weigh only two pounds. They can easily be strapped on and carried about.
  • Headphone style microphone – this microphone is the most convenient because it provides “Hands-free” operation. Plus, you won’t have to worry about setting your wireless microphone down somewhere and losing it.

Simple PA Systems

Sometimes the best portable PA system is the simplest. When you need something quick and simple, go with a bullhorn style. It is an “all in one” unit and works great for many kinds of emergencies.

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