What Is Offered By Contractors Insurance In Austin, TX?


In Texas, contractors offer a variety of services each day. On a daily basis, the small business owners are faced with challenges while performing the services. To mitigate the risks of unwanted issues, the contractor purchases insurance. A local insurance agency provides Contractors Insurance in Austin TX right now.

Protection for Assets

The insurance policies provide coverage for all assets connected to the business. Contractors who operate as a limited license company or self-proprietor purchase the policies to protect real estate, equipment, and any assets that are used for the business. The coverage offers repairs and replacements if the assets are damaged, stolen, or lost.

Accident and Liability Coverage

Accident and liability coverage is available for the contractor and their clients. The policies provide coverage for medical expenses and property damage. The insurance lowers the chances of a financial loss for the contractor and their business. The coverage provides cash settlements when clients become injured due to the contractor’s or their company’s failures.

Worker’s Compensation Options

Contractors that hire more than one worker are required to purchase worker’s compensation coverage. The policies provide funds that pay for the worker’s medical expenses. Monetary benefits are provided when the worker cannot return to work promptly and will lose wages. The terms of the policies define when the workers qualify for the benefits according to compliance with company policies.

Global Liability Coverage

Global liability coverage encompasses a variety of circumstances that could arise while the contractor performs their services. The liability coverage provides funds for out of court settlements. The policies could help the contractor avoid the full impact of a lawsuit. In some cases, the coverage prevents a complete shutdown of the business. It covers property damage, injuries, and breach of contract.

In Texas, contractors explore their options when protecting their company and workers. Insurance policies offer protection for assets and common liabilities. The coverage lowers the full impact of issues that could lead to a complete shutdown of the business. It also manages accidents involving clients or workers. Small business owners who need more information about Contractors Insurance in Austin TX contact Perdue Insurance Group for more details now.

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