What Is Damp Proofing And Why You Need It?


If you live in a home that’s older or has a basement, you may have the common, but annoying issue of rising damp. It can cause extensive (and expensive) damage, which is why damp proofing may be a necessity. However, understanding when to consider it and why is essential to be a well-informed consumer.

What It Is

Primarily, damp proofing is a broad term used to describe any method or technique of treating rising damp. Each type of rising damp can affect buildings differently, which is why the term is used for all methods of treatment and all solutions.

In most cases, it is used as a way to waterproof a wall area, which has recurring damp issues. A protective barrier is placed at those points that are more prone to damp risks.

Why It’s Important

So, now that you know that damp proofing is available to prevent damage and shield your home from damp, why is that so important? Without adequate solutions and treatments, severe damp issues can lead to long-term problems within the home. Not only can the materials and mortar used start to decay, but it could lead to mould and other health issues, as well.

When damp proofing is complete, moisture cannot pass through the crevices and cracks into the structure. Therefore, the damage typically associated with damp problems, including rising damp and dry rot, are eliminated and can’t even start to happen.

Companies like Damp Controllers specialise in damp proofing and can handle all types of buildings, both commercial and residential. These professionals can come to your home or property, determine what’s causing the problem and offer the best solution for your needs. In turn, you’ll live in a safe environment that is healthier and without damage.

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