What is a composite resin filling?


Thanks to rapid advances in the field of dentistry, patients now how more choices than ever when it comes to the material that is used to fill a cavity. The two choices that are most frequently cited are amalgam, commonly known as “silver fillings” and composite resin, commonly known as “white fillings.” More and more patients are opting for white filling service in New York because of the aesthetic considerations.

What is a white filling?

A composite resin filling or a white filling is made from a combination of ceramic and resin compounds. Resin tends to mimic the appearance of natural teeth; as a result this material has been used when it was necessary to fill a visible tooth. Years ago when white fillings were first introduced the material was not really strong enough to be used on teeth that did a great deal of grinding and chewing.

The material that is used today has been improved dramatically, so much so that white filling service in New York now commonly includes the back teeth.

How is the filling placed?

Once the site has been properly prepared, the dentist places the white filling in layers; each layer is hardened with a special light. Once the filling is complete, the dentist completes the shaping and polishing using conventional dental tools.

What are the advantages of white fillings?

The advantages are oriented around aesthetics. Dentists can blend the filling material to ape the color of the natural tooth. Composite material bond to the tooth, this strengthens the tooth, helping to prevent subsequent problems.

Although a white filling can discolor if the patient consumes tea, coffee or red wine, the dentist can coat the tooth with a material that prevents color change. Although white filling material has improved considerably over the years it is still not quite as strong as amalgam, especially when used in larger fillings in molars.

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