What if the Automated Bagging Machine Didn’t Exist?


You are on your way home from work and stop at a local convenience store to pick up a bag of your favorite candy, and you notice something odd. The only bags you see are made from cloth material and are tied with strings. In addition, they are very expensive. What has happened? You just entered a world with no automated bagging machine equipment, and this world is much different than the one we know.

Without automatic equipment to weigh, count and bag things like candy, it would take a very long time to produce enough to satisfy the sweet tooth of an entire city. Plus, the producers would have to charge much more for their products and there would be fewer available. This not only concerns candy but anything you buy in bags.

Since baggers have not been invented, technology has not been able to advance because much of the technology used in automated production today is also used in baggers. You might be in a world which is quite primitive and life could be much harder on everyone. So why is the automated bagging machine so important to us? Let’s explore all the good things it provides.


Speed – thanks to automation, thousands of bags of materials are produced each day by many different companies.

Cost – because goods can be rapidly produced they are in abundance and due to supply and demand, cost goes down. This not only benefits the business, it is good for the consumer, local economy, national economy and world economy.

Fewer employee injuries – modern equipment is highly efficient and does many of the jobs which were once performed manually. This greatly reduces the chances for errors and mistakes on the job, which can lead to accidents. Plus, since fewer people are performing manual assembly line work, there are fewer injuries like carpal tunnel disorder and other repetitive motion conditions.

Quality – with high-tech baggers operating under controlled atmospheric conditions, the shelf life of foods is greatly enhanced and fewer preservatives and chemicals are added.

Environmentally friendly – cleaner operations with fewer chemicals and waste, translates into a cleaner planet.

Good for local business – faster and more efficient equipment can greatly increase operating efficiency. This lowers cost and provides higher profits to business. They can afford to pay their workers more and charge less for the products they sell. This is a “win-win” situation for everyone involved, thanks to things like the automated bagging machine.

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