What Do You Need In A Food Packaging Machine?


Food packaging is not a one size fits all option. It is a common mistake for a company to assume that packaging equipment that works in one production line will automatically be the best choice for another line or a different type of product.

In fact, the choice of a food packaging machine needs to be done with the specifics of the application in mind. Some types of food packaging systems are more effective for fresh foods, including the MAP or modified atmosphere packaging, while others offer extremely strong and durable packaging for heavier items, liquids or even for irregular shapes such as fresh produce or fruits.

Film or Pouches

There are two major categories to consider in any type of food packaging machine. One is a system that uses film. This is sometimes called a vertical bagger or a vertical form fill seal machine. The machine makes the bags on demand from film fed through the system.

The other option is to use pre-formed pouches. The bagger will fill the pouch, then provide the required top closure. These pouches can have a variety of styles including gusseted, stand up, zipper, slider zipper or even a flat pouch.

Features of the Packaging

Choosing a food packaging machine is also related to how you want to market the final product. If you need it to stand up on the shelf a gusseted pouch with a flat bottom is the best choice. For use on pegs for deli meats or cheeses then it is important for the machine to be able to deflate the bag and also provide hole punch option.

Most products may also require a date code printer, which can be incorporated into the machine. Different systems may offer everything from zipper bag openers to product settlers and gas flushing systems. Shopping around and looking or the system that best meets your needs will be important.

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