What Can You Expect From Denture Repair Services in Garden City NY?


While dentures are meant to last five to eight years, they can become damaged over time, leading to the need for Denture Repair Services in Garden City NY. The proper repair of damaged dentures can help to prolong their life and keep them looking and functioning at their best. Unfortunately, there are many reasons dentures can become damaged. With this information, denture wearers will know what they can expect when having repairs carried out.

There are many reasons people may need to seek denture repair services in Garden City NY:

     *     Teeth become loose from the denture sockets

     *     Missing teeth from the dentures

     *     Cracks in the gum plates

     *     Damage to the denture teeth

Whether the damage is done through dropping the dentures, biting down on hard foods, or wear and tear, repair services can make them almost like new. With many dental offices now offering dental labs on the premises, patients can have their denture repair services carried out the same day, so they do not have to go without their teeth. These dental offices can provide emergency repair services in some cases.

A denture lab can help to repair worn or damaged dentures so they can be made new again. The dental lab may need to make impressions of the patient’s gum plates to ensure the repairs are carried out properly. They have all of the tools that are needed to make all types of repairs whether there is damage or the dentures simply do not fit as well as they once did.

It is important to note, one should never take a DIY approach when it comes to repairing their dentures. While it may be tempting to use repair kits or even glue, these can ruin a pair of dentures and require a person to have a new set made. Sticking with a dentist will ensure the repairs are carried out appropriately.

If your dentures have become damaged for any reason, it is important you see the dentist right away. Contact the dental office of Gerald B Grossman DDS to schedule your repair appointment. With prompt repairs, you will not be without your teeth for long.

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