What A Foundation Engineer In Houston, TX Will Know


When it comes to foundation problems, there are things a Foundation Engineer in Houston TX, will know that a homeowner won’t know. Homes with foundation problems will sometimes develop foundation cracks. While there are times when the cracks can be extremely large, there are also times when they can be barely noticeable. What people who work with foundations know is that the issue with the foundation is usually found in a different location than the crack. The crack is just a symptom of a larger problem. Cracks are basically where a foundation will relieve stress from movement.

An experienced Foundation Engineer in Houston TX will know some other things as well. Unless the foundation was poorly constructed, it usually isn’t the problem. The problem is usually the soil that is located beneath the foundation. For the most part, foundations won’t move unless there is the movement of the soil they are on. So, what causes soil to move? Hydration is a factor with soil that is moving. When a soil takes on water, it will expand. When it starts to lose water, it will contract. Controlling water is important for controlling soil movement.

Homeowners can do their part to control water. First, they have to make sure their gutters aren’t contributing to soil expansion around the foundation area. Gutters need to relocate water far enough away from homes so that there isn’t a heavy concentration of water around the foundation. Spouts should be inspected to make sure they aren’t obstructed. Spring cleaning can get rid of any debris that has been deposited in gutters during the colder months. Grading is also helpful with water control. In order to prevent soil saturation, the ground should slope away from a home’s foundation. People can look at more info concerning water and foundations online.

People who have water problems in their basements because of foundation issues should have the problems taken care of as soon as possible. Basement renovations can’t be done as long as the basement keeps taking on the water. Also, a problem can get much worse with time. As it gets worse, it becomes more expensive to repair.

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