What A Family Lawyer In Bel Air MD Can Do For Their Clients


When a person is having family problems, it can escalate to the point where the problem may need to go before a judge. If this happens, they should contact a Family Lawyer in Bel Air MD. There are several ways that these lawyers can help families who are in need.


When a marriage falls apart, the first thing both spouses should do is contact a family lawyer. Divorces require a great deal of paperwork. A lawyer can get the paperwork filled out and filed with the court. If there are issues regarding who will retain what assets after the divorce, a family lawyer will fight for their client’s right to have what they deserve.

Child Custody

Following a divorce, or if two parents who were never married cannot agree on who the children should live with, a Family Lawyer in Bel Air MD, can help. A family lawyer will work to get their client custody of the child. If the client is not looking for full custody, they will work to iron out a joint custody or visitation plan that is fair to both parties.

Child Support

When a child lives with just one parent, the other parent is required to pay child support. A family lawyer will make sure that the child support being paid is fair, whether it is coming from the parent with visitation rights or if is being received by the parent who has full custody.


A great deal of time and paperwork goes into an adoption. Just the application alone can take time and is very lengthy. Having a family lawyer working for you will guarantee the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

Paternity Cases

When a child’s paternity is in question, one or both parties may request a paternity test. A family lawyer can help speed up the paternity process. Once paternity has been established, the attorney can move on to child support issues.

There are many situations that can come up in life where a person may need a family lawyer. If this is the case, they should visit our website

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