We Don’t Provide Homes Properties for Rent in Greenville Sc to Just Anyone

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Internet Marketing Service

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One of the first things you’ll notice when you check out the properties we have on offer is just how lovely they are. From cozy refurbished apartments that are ideal for a professional person to spacious family homes that make great options for people in between property purchases or working in the area temporarily, our rental properties in Greenville, SC, are always spectacular. We believe that all our tenants deserve to enjoy the very best accommodation available, so do our utmost to find landlords that have highly desirable properties for rent.

Support Throughout the Property Rental Process

Because of the high caliber homes for rent in Greenville, SC, we undertake a number of checks on prospective tenants, as well as requiring copies of identification, proof of earnings and other paperwork to determine suitability for a letting. Our team can help tenants through the entire rental process, ensuring they’re clear on what’s needed and providing appropriate solutions to any problems that come up.

We’re Here as Long as You Need Us

The vast majority of tenants that find the right fit in one of our houses for rent in Greenville, SC, are extremely happy with their let, and encounter no problems during their tenancy. If a repair is required, or some other issue crops up with the rental, we’re always here to help. We will ensure that the landlord is aware of any maintenance issues and will do our utmost to ensure a speedy resolution to any issues which arise. Our role is to support both tenant and landlord in order to maximize the chances of a tenancy proceeding in a mutually satisfactory manner.

We’re Certified Property Agency

It’s always wise to check that your rental agent is a well-established business that has appropriate registrations and certifications in place. We are a BBB accredited business and also operate under the Equal Housing Opportunity guidelines. If you’ve seen a property you’d like and want to arrange a viewing, or simply want to find out what homes for rent in Greenville are on offer, call us now at (864) 438-4577.

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