Ways to Keep Commercial Air Conditioning in Toledo OH From Feeling Like an Icebox


When scheduling the installation of commercial air conditioning in Toledo OH, the building owner or manager will want to take a variety of considerations into account. The workers who complete these projects can answer questions that the commercial customer has regarding optimum temperature settings and ways to keep utility expenses low.

Men vs. Women

One aspect that has been researched in recent years involves a large faction of office workers griping that the building is way too cold. Office managers and cooling systems designers both noticed that the complaints primarily tend to come from women. Men typically feel just fine in the cooler temperatures, while women keep sweaters on hand at work even though the outside weather is hot and muggy.

Metabolic Differences

Research has verified there are scientific reasons for this discrepancy that are based on physiology. The average resting metabolic rate for men is significantly higher than that for women, which makes men, in general, feel warmer. The formula that determined the optimum temperature for Commercial Air Conditioning in Toledo OH in offices was created many decades ago when men made up a large majority of office workers. That’s no longer the case.

Gender Differences in Business Clothing

In addition, men tend to dress in warmer clothes than women do in an office setting. Women are more likely to wear short-sleeved blouses, skirts, and sandals, whereas men are more likely to wear long-sleeved shirts along with long pants, socks, and shoes. Some are required to wear jackets and even ties.

A Solution

Setting the temperature a bit higher after installation by a company such as A-1 Heating and Home Improvement not only can help the female employees feel more comfortable, it also may boost productivity among all workers. Studies have found that productivity is enhanced when temperatures are not below 71 degrees Fahrenheit and not above 77 degrees. That leaves a great deal of room for moving the temperature up.

Now, the indoor climate won’t feel like an icebox to women and the men should still be comfortable. Managers might allow male employees to keep jackets off when they are not meeting with clients. Contact us to get started.

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