Warning Signs You Need to Bring Your Dog to a Veterinarian in Lenexa KS


Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility. It is important for dog owners to seek veterinarian treatment as often as recommended so their special friend’s health is fully protected. While most dog owners know their pet needs to see the Veterinarian Lenexa KS at least once a year, it can be more difficult knowing the warning signs to look for to know when to seek medical care outside of checkup appointments.

Warning signs a dog needs to be seen by the vet include:

  • While changes in eating habits do not always signal health concerns, they may. If a dog goes over two days without consuming food, they need to be checked by the veterinarian in Lenexa, KS. There are many health conditions that can cause a dog to avoid eating so it is important they are properly examined to determine what is causing the change in appetite.
  • Dogs that suddenly begin drinking large amounts of water also need to be seen by their vet. Unless a dog has become overly heated, they should not be gulping down large amounts of water and urinating frequently.
  • Changes to the coat can be a sign of problems with the health. A rough, dry coat or one that is balding should prompt an owner to seek care right away. Changes in the coat can be caused by allergies, the wrong type of food, and certain health conditions.
  • If a once active dog suddenly grows lethargic, this is a sign for alarm. Changes in activity should be checked to ensure there are no underlying health concerns that are causing pain or a lack of energy.
  • Although vomiting is normal occasionally, dogs that are vomiting on a consistent basis need to be examined by the vet to determine the cause. Constant vomiting can quickly place a dog’s health in danger.

If you have noticed any of these warning signs in your dog, it is crucial you seek the care of a vet right away. For more information on the veterinarian services available to dog owners, visit website. With treatment provided by the vet, your dog’s health can be protected.

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