Warning Signs You Need Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi


When a concrete foundation needs to be repaired, there are warning signs that can occur inside and outside. It is important for homeowners to know the warning signs they should look for so they can be observant and proactive in protecting the structure of their home. Through Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi, a home’s structure can be protected so major damages do not occur that require high levels of expense.

Inside warning signs of foundation damage include:

1. Door jams become stuck or will not latch
2. Cracks may occur over windows, doors, and where the walls join the ceilings
3. Vinyl or ceramic tiles may begin to crack
4. Windows become stuck and will not operate properly

Outside warning signs of foundation damage include:

1. Leaning walls
2. Walls that are not straight
3. Bulges in the foundation
4. Chipping or flaking in the foundation
5. Stair step cracks in the foundation
6. Water puddling around the foundation

When a homeowner is in need of Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi, they need to call in a professional to have their foundation fully inspected. There are several different methods of repairing a concrete foundation. The foundation repair contractors will help a homeowner to determine which type of repair will be needed. The repair technician may bolt the foundation on steel braces.

There is also the option of underpinning the foundation with helical screws and concrete piers. If a repair cannot be carried out, the repair company may have to completely replace the foundation which can be quite an expense. If a foundation can be saved and the home will remain safe, the contractors will work to save the foundation so the homeowner can save as much money as possible.

It behooves a homeowner to have their foundation inspected on a regular basis to ensure there are no damage issues. They are the foundation experts homeowners can rely on to ensure their home’s foundation is solid and protective. Call them today and schedule a foundation inspection so you can learn whether or not repairs are needed or if you need a full replacement.

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