Want to Save Big on Motorcycle Insurance in Palm Coast? Here’s How


Motorcycle insurance in Palm Coast is typically affordable, but there are some easy ways to get an even lower quote on your premium if you need to save money. Smart strategies like eliminating unnecessary extra coverage or asking about special discounts can result in a significantly reduced rate. If you want to lower the cost of your Motorcycle Insurance Palm Coast, here are some simple ways to save.

Consider Liability Insurance

If you have an older bike, it may make more sense to get rid of the full coverage and switch to liability insurance instead. If your bike isn’t worth much anymore, consider purchasing a policy that only covers bodily injury and property damage to other drivers. This will help slash the cost of your premium.

Drop Second-Passenger Coverage

Passenger liability covers bodily injury to anyone riding with you on your motorcycle. However, if you always ride alone it doesn’t make much sense to pay for it. Ask your insurance agent how much you could save by dropping this extra coverage if its unnecessary.

Join The Club

Riders who belong to clubs like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Harley Owners Group and the Honda Riders Club of America are often eligible for discounted insurance rates, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This can be a fun way to enjoy other bike-member benefits while getting reduced Motorcycle Insurance Palm Coast.

Pay Your Bill In Full

Most insurers offer discounts to customers who opt to pay their yearly policy all at once instead of in monthly or quarterly installments. Usually, this one simple strategy can save you around 10%.

Look for Part-Time Rider Discounts

If you only ride occasionally or on weekends, you’re probably eligible for lower insurance rates than someone who uses their bike as their primary means of transportation. Ask your agent about “infrequent rider” or “part-time rider” discounts.

Shop Around

Sometimes you can save big by simply making a few phone calls to other agencies. Insurance rates fluctuate greatly; try calling other insurers in your area to see who can offer you the best quote. In Palm Coast , First Florida Insurance  has affordable insurance packages for motorcycle riders.

It’s easy to save money on your motorcycle if you know a few easy ways to save. Using just a few of these simple strategies could make your insurance coverage a lot more affordable.

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