Veneers In Keizer OR Can Fix Imperfections Of Your Teeth


Are you interested in improving your smile? You can enjoy a picture-perfect smile by having Veneers in Keizer OR applied to your teeth. Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain used to improve the look of your teeth and can provide strength to the tooth. The porcelain is stronger than the enamel of a natural tooth. Minor position alterations and gaps can be eliminated when a porcelain veneer is applied to the front of a tooth. A dentist will perform a thorough consultation with you to determine if veneers will be the best choice because everyone’s mouth is different.

Applying A Veneer

Applying Veneers in Keizer OR requires a small amount of the original tooth enamel to be removed. A millimeter of the surface will be removed, so the veneer can fit into the mouth and improve a smile. The bonding material between the veneer and the natural tooth is cured by resin.

What Types Of Situations Can Veneers Fix?

Gaps between the teeth, fractured teeth, poor color, shape, and contours of the teeth can be corrected with a veneer. Certain stains may not respond when teeth whitening is performed. A veneer can restore the tooth to a better color in these types of situations.

Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are individually crafted for each patient. No one will ever know that an individual has a veneer on their tooth instead of their enamel. Porcelain veneers can resist coffee, tea, and tobacco stains.

Maintaining A Porcelain Veneer

Care of a veneer is exactly the same as a natural tooth. It is recommended that a patient not use an abrasive fluoride toothpaste after they’ve had a veneer in place. If an individual grinds their teeth at night, they should talk to the dentist about purchasing a custom-made night guard to protect their veneers.

Improving your smile is only a dental visit away from becoming a reality. An experienced dentist at Riverfront Dental LLC can provide you with many different services that will improve your smile, health, and self-esteem. They can provide you with general dentistry to maintain the health of your teeth and suggest treatments that will improve your smile.

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