Using Hammer Mills For Sale in Southern Idaho to Produce Livestock Feed


Hammer mills are essential to many agricultural operations. They work by using small hammers to crush or grind grain and other materials into coarse flour or smaller aggregate. In the context of farm work and food production, they are used for creating feed for livestock out of unmilled grain and in producing fluff pulp and fruit juice. In other industries they have uses as diverse as shredding paper or even automotive scrap, crushing rocks to create smaller aggregate, and creating mulch or sometimes biofuel from plant matter.

Most people seeking hammer mills for sale in Southern Idaho are farmers seeking to mill their own grain. This can be particularly helpful for those raising livestock. Hammer mills are ideal for creating the coarse flour necessary for creating their own livestock feed. This can help cut down on costs by allowing livestock farmers to produce their own feed.

The way a hammer mill works is fairly simple. It consists of a set of small hammers on a large rotating shaft and a central rotor inside of a large drum. The hammers are affixed to the high speed rotor or allowed to swing freely attached to an additional component. The grain is then fed into the machine to be crushed by the hammers. It is then pushed through a screen on the other end of the drum once it has reached the desired size.

Depending on the size of the screen and the desired coarseness of the material in question, this mill can be used as a primary means of crushing material or can be used in conjunction with other mills as a secondary or a tertiary crusher. Flour intended for livestock feed does not have to be ground as fine as that intended for human consumption, so milling in a hammer mill is often all that is required.

Mills designed for processing grain are often smaller and typically require only a household current in order to operate. Larger industrial hammer mills often run on a diesel generator. Farmers looking for hammer mills for sale in Southern Idaho can contact us online to find out more about these and other equipment essential to smooth farm operations.

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