Using A Company To Do Basement Waterproofing in Newton MA


When a homeowner discovers their basement has moisture accumulating on their cement floor, the will want to take necessary steps in eliminating the problem for good. There are several different methods one can use as methods of basement waterproofing in Newton MA.

Install A Vapor Barrier

If moisture makes its way into the basement via cracks in the foundation, those above ground can be sealed with caulk. Underground voids can still lead to moisture accumulation, however. Installing a plastic layer over insulation can stop this moisture from getting inside. Drywall would need to be removed and replaced after the barrier is installed.

Use A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will eliminate moisture in the air caused by humidity. It can be run in the basement while doors and windows remain closed to effectively dry the air. Dissidents can also be used to help reduce humidity. Place them in several areas to trap moisture. They will need to be swapped with new ones every few weeks. Bowls of cat litter can be used instead of commercially packaged dissidents if desires.

Seal The Flooring

The cement floor can be sealed to help keep moisture from getting through cracks. This is brushed upon the floor, filling in all crevices to help in moisture elimination. It also provides a protective coating from other damage while helping to improve the floor’s appearance as well.

Purchase A Sump Pump

A sump pump can be installed in a basement prone to excessive water levels. This will push the moisture to the outside of the home. This piece of equipment is placed on the lowest level of the floor.

When a basement suffers from high humidity levels and pooling moisture often, a call to a service that does basement waterproofing in Newton MA can be extremely helpful in finding the source of the moisture causing problems.

Contact us to find the right solution in eliminating moisture troubles. An evaluation can be done in the home’s basement, and recommendations can be given in eradicating moisture in the area. The service will then perform the needed tasks to protect the basement from further moisture troubles if desired.

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