Understanding Your Rights and Hiring a Florida Lemon Law Attorney

Understanding Your Rights and Hiring a Florida Lemon Law Attorney

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? You may have thought about the dangers of buying a used vehicle that is not certified. Most vehicles without certifications or a CarFax report likely have something wrong. You could be signing up for a lemon vehicle, but most states including Florida have laws that protect you in if that you purchase a vehicle with severe problems. Hiring a Florida lemon law attorney can help smooth out the process and ensure that you get a refund or replacement vehicle if the one you purchased doesn’t work out.

Here are some ways to prevent the purchase of a lemon:

Test Drive Before You Buy
Attorneys will always ask whether you did your due diligence in selecting the car. You have to prove that you had no knowledge of any issues with the vehicle before purchase. This means that you should test drive and get it in writing that the car has been inspected and checked for all defects. If you buy anything “as is” or without warranty, you may be setting yourself up for problems in the future.

Make Copies of Everything
You will likely have to take the vehicle for multiple service appointments. You should document each appointment to ensure that you get it in writing when you have a service performed. If the same service is performed each time and the car still doesn’t work, then you are in line for a lemon law claim.

Mechanic Notes
Your mechanic should take notes after each maintenance performed or service rendered. This is to show a history of problems.

There are other ways to get your car replaced or refunded with a Florida lemon law attorney. You should visit Lemon Law America online for more information and read about the laws in different states.

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