Types of Mastectomy Bras: Finding the Right Jodee Mastectomy Bras for You

Types of Mastectomy Bras: Finding the Right Jodee Mastectomy Bras for You

The right bra can make or break an outfit. It is after all the foundation for the rest of your clothes, so it is important to wear underwear that is suitable for your shape and your outfit.

However, it could be a bit of a challenge to figure out the right cup and size for your breasts. It takes more than guesswork and in-store fitting to finally buy the brassier that would elevate the fit of your clothes. Needless to say, getting mastectomy underwear is doubly difficult. There a lot of considerations and allowances to consider. Thankfully, there are brands, like Jodee Mastectomy bras, that carry different types of specialty undergarments.

Padded Mastectomy Bras

Otherwise known as molded bras, padded mastectomy bras are undergarments that have a layer of foam under the cup that helps it hold shape. It is a great bra for creating finer silhouettes and defining a bust line. The cushioning also serves as protection from external force. The pads are also great for hiding the nipple.

Front-Fastening Mastectomy Bras

A front-fastening bra is equipped with hooks or zippers in the front of the brassier in the space between the two breasts. There are bras available that provide clasps in the front and at the back in order to give the user the comfort of the choice. For people with scars, front-fastening bras can be ideal considering how convenient it is to take off.

Lymphoedema Bras

Swollen lymph glands can be quite uncomfortable. Lymphedema bras are equipped with gentle and special fabric that massages and soothes the swelling nodes – all while providing needed support.

Post-Surgery Mastectomy Bras

After the Mastectomy, a woman’s breasts or chest area is bound to swollen and sensitive. Post-Surgery bras like the Jodee Mastectomy bras protect the chest from external force. It also provides ample cushion and 24-hour support while the scars and tissues are recuperating.

Finding bras, breast cancer or not, can be difficult. However, given the right brand and the right boutique, you are guaranteed to find undergarments that would make you feel attractive and supported at the same time.

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