Two Practices Performed By A Sedation Dentist In Redding

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Dentist

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Dentistry has slowly been progressing toward providing less painful treatments. The idea of a root canal, tooth extraction, or cavities might sound painful, but dental scientists have been finding ways to make these procedures less frightening for patients. In the past, dentists might have used a numbing cream or shot to help the patient feel less pain. Today, many people are opting to see a sedation dentist in Redding. This type of dentist is practiced in using different types of sedation methods before a procedure to help patients become more comfortable. They are practiced in providing relaxation treatments.

Two of the more popular methods for anesthesia include breathing in nitrous oxide or using local numbing agents. Nitrous oxide has taken on the title of “laughing gas” among patients. This substance is typically breathed in through a mask that covers the nose and mouth. Then, the mask is removed. The patient will typically experience the anxiolytic, analgesic, and euphoric effects associated with the substance. This simply means that the patient will have less anxiety, pain reduction, and increased dopamine production. The gas allows patients to stay awake during the procedure and only takes a few minutes for the effects to occur.

Local numbing agents are generally used to numb the gum line. A patient who needs a tooth extraction is likely to use this as a type of sedative. A numbing substance is applied to the gum tissue. It’s allowed to sit for a short time to take effect. Once the numbing has started, the sedation dentist will apply injections that also function as numbing agents. Different injections might be used depending on the patient’s physical and mental condition. These agents take longer to begin working than nitrous oxide. A few hours after the surgery, the effects of numbing agents dissipates completely.

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