Trade Shows and the Independent Craftsman

Trade Shows and the Independent Craftsman

The upcoming International Woodworkers’ Fair in Atlanta is just under a year away, but the excitement is just starting. For independent craftsmen, this is the show to attend, and not just for the exhibitors and their wares, but for the opportunity to learn and network.

Networking and Woodworking

Smaller businesses need to stay competitive with the bigger shops, and can do that by tapping into a furniture manufacturers network that will keep you in the know. By attending IFW, you’ll get to see the newest products at launch, instead of when they show up on the shelves. The know-how and expertise on offer from woodworking techniques, to shop marketing, and even CNC design. The courses and symposiums have something for everyone from the journeyman to the shop owner. You can learn vital new skills to keep your shop profitable, or learn how to strike out on your own. Your showroom, shop floor, and back office will thank you.

Everything Changes

Since the recession, small businesses have faced a number of challenges. Changes in regulation, the tax code, and advances in technology require expert advice. The exhibitors and speakers know that more woodworking shops mean more business. They’re motivated to help you get a good start, and help with any rough patches. An entire furniture manufacturers network can even help you bring your products to market, advertise, and streamline your production by sharing their expertise. The deck is stacked against small, independent shops with cheap imported goods, or larger corporations that can field hundreds of workers who have been trained to run machines, but are not woodworkers.

The Case for Craft

Small businesses are the backbone of the American job market, but “small” can mean anything from a garage shop with a worker/owner to a 250 person operation. Making the case for craft takes something more than slick advertising and a who’s-who of toolmakers on the shop floor. Taking the time to learn and grow will help you to innovate and improve, while networking with other professionals can lead to sharing ideas and making connections. Think of it as an investment in the future; you might not use all of this right away, but at a later time that idea, that person you talked to at the seminar, or that new technique you learned could become a big part of your business.

Find a furniture manufacturers network that can help your business grow and thrive, network with other professionals, and increase your earning power with new skills at the International Woodworker’s Fair 2016!

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