Top Three Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Office Coffee Machine


Your company started small, and in the beginning, you relied on your trusty one-pot coffeemaker. You were drinking great coffee and everyone was content. However, as time passes by, you have noticed a change in quality, and you find yourself making extra trips to the local coffee shop. Not to mention the not so subtle comments from your employees and clients. Now, you are considering upgrading to a to a commercial coffee machine for your office in Chicago. Here are the top three why you should make the right decision and upgrade.


Early mornings, and long working days can be tough on everyone, and no wants to stand around waiting for coffee to brew. How many times have you gone to pour yourself a cup of coffee only to realize you are the one who now needs to clean, refill, and wait for new coffee to brew? With a new commercial coffee machine, there is no waiting or cleaning. You can rely on always having freshly brewed coffee ready to enjoy.

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

As you have heard from many of your employees by now, they would love to see an upgraded coffee machine. Did you know that having freshly brewed coffee can also increase job productivity? Think about all the time wasted because of coffee. There is time spent waiting for coffee to brew, cleaning, refilling the machine, and the many trips out of the office for a coffee run. With your new machine, you will have freshly brewed coffee that tastes great all day.

Maintenance and Service

You can spend less time worrying about the upkeep of your coffee machine and equipment. Most times, when you buy commercial coffee equipment in Chicago, they will come with warranty and a dedicated service team. Regularly scheduled maintenance check-ups and repairs are available.

Are you ready to upgrade to commercial coffee equipment in Chicago? Workwell has many great options.

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