Top Styles of Mansion Doors for new Home Designs


Regardless of where you live in the United States and Canada, home designs, particularly new home designs, tend to be more similar than different. One of the latest trends, and one that is going to be popular in the future, is adding mansion doors and larger entrances to moderate-to-large custom homes.

It used to be that smaller entrances with single doors, perhaps with sidelites and moderately-sized transoms, were fashionable. Today, with larger custom homes, particularly those with estate-style architecture and design, the larger double mansion doors with more elaborate transoms and sidelites are a beautiful addition to any home.

The key in choosing the right mansion doors is to coordinate both the lines of the doors and overall style with the architectural design of the home. By staying with the same lines, such as arched or rounded door, with more flowing lines on other windows and features, the entire home looks coordinated.

Modern Looks

Just because mansion doors may be a return to traditional elegance, doesn’t mean they can’t be completely modern in design. Styles of Shaker and Mission doors can be very modern with their clean, crisp and minimal lines.

Another option to consider in very eye-catching mansion doors are copper clad doors. These can have a very modern style, while maintaining that look of opulence and splendor only copper can provide.

Open and Airy

The welcoming and open look of mansion doors is also a very popular option. This takes a formal entrance and makes it warmer, adding an open feeling with additional light and glass.

To achieve this look, consider single or double doors with large glass elements in the design, either in the transom and sidelight combinations or in the doors themselves. To maintain privacy, consider an opaque glass design such as a Baroque, rain, or even a Flemish or Chateau style of glass.

Elegant and Classic

For an extremely elegant and classic look in mansion doors, a dark mahogany door with a beautiful caming design through the glass on the door, as well as on the transom and sidelites, is truly iconic.

Allowing light in and utilizing different types of glass to create a pattern, these doors are amazing and sure to add to the look of a custom designed home in the way only the most carefully crafted mansion doors can provide.

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