Top Reasons To Use Outside Warehousing For Knoxville Companies


For a business that is moving into a new market or an existing Knoxville company that is expanding product lines or services, finding cost-effective warehouse options can be a challenge. This is particularly true if the company is focused only on renting or buying a warehouse facility.

A better option for most small to mid-sized businesses it to outsource their warehousing requirements to a 3PL or third-party logistics company. These services, many which are operated by moving and freight companies, allows the business to customize the services they need while taking advantage of existing, secure facilities, trained staff, equipment as well as delivery services.

Added Advantages

In addition to these features, there are several other reasons why companies and businesses of all sizes are moving to the use of warehousing and distribution services by third-party providers. These include:

• Highly secure facilities

• Facilities that are well-maintained and insured for loss

• Expert management of inventory including the use of tagging and barcodes for immediate inventory tracking and reporting

• Eliminates the need to hire staff and purchase and maintain warehouse equipment and systems.

• Provides lower cost for all services as all users of the warehousing and distribution center pay for the services, helping to reduce the total price

• With distribution services including Just-In-Time deliveries, liftgate services, and routine delivery schedules, companies don’t have to invest in fleets or drivers or pay for upkeep on vehicles

The Flexibility Factors

Flexibility in only paying for the services required and in having the ability to quickly scale up warehousing needs is another important reason to consider these services.

Companies in Knoxville will need to do their research and choose a warehouse and distribution service that offers the price, the features and the ability to handle receiving, inventory management and delivery to your needs.

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