Top 5 Signs of Transmission Trouble for Rookie Car Owners

Top 5 Signs of Transmission Trouble for Rookie Car Owners

Transmission trouble can be hard to spot for rookie car owners. Here are top 5 signs it’s time to take your car in for transmission repair.

Burning smell

If there’s a burning smell issuing from your engine, it could indicate a leak. It could also mean that your transmission fluid needs to be replaced stat, says How Stuff Works.

Strange noises

Hear grinding or whining noises from your engine? Your automatic transmission fluid keeps your system parts lubricated. If there are too many contaminants in the fluid, though, or if liquid levels are low, that’s going to compromise the operational efficiency of your system and result in too much friction between parts, which generate the noise you hear. A simple change of transmission fluid can easily eliminate this problem. If it doesn’t, though, head out to an auto shop and request a transmission repair.

Shifting gear difficulties

If you’re having a hard time shifting gears, those could be signs of a transmission problem. These problems are serious, especially when you find yourself on the road. Stay safe on the road by taking your car to the nearest auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Poor response

If you need to wait a few seconds before the car engages into drive or starts to move forward, these could indicate transmission problems as well. Don’t let these problems get worse. Have your car road-ready by getting it to a car repair shop for maintenance checks and repairs.

Fluid leaks

In some cases, you can check the color of your transmission fluid leak. If it’s simply bright red, that only means you’re dealing with leak problems. But if the liquid is brown or gritty, that means you’re overdue for a transmission fluid change.

Don’t let transmission problems get the best of you. Get help. Contact us at S-O-S Transmissions at 703-344-1760. Connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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