Top 3 Factors When Choosing Local Moving Companies In Birmingham, AL


For short distance moving across the city or perhaps to a suburban or more rural area surrounding Birmingham, AL, choosing from the local moving companies available is an important choice.

The selection of local moving companies is just as essential as the selection of long distance movers. However, there will be different factors that you will want to keep in mind when making the choice. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is just to choose any mover based on price. This is almost a guarantee that you will not have a positive experience and that you may find that low-cost move turns into a very expensive nightmare.

Professional Services and Experience

If you read online ads or take a look at any types of print material from any of the local moving companies, you will assume they are all top professionals hiring only drivers and moving crews with experience.

The fact is that many of the one and two truck types of moving companies side jobs for drivers and movers, and they are rarely professionals with more than just basic experience. These are often the companies that are not licensed or insured, and even if you are offered coverage for the contents of the load, you may never be able to collect on a claim.

Trucks and Equipment

It is important to know the condition and the type of trucks and equipment that will be used by the local moving companies you are considering. Professionals companies have dedicated trucks for residential and commercial moves, ensuring the truck interiors as well as the exteriors are clean and well-maintained.

Additional equipment such as dollies for moving heavier items, straps for securing items during the move and, of course, blankets and pads for protecting furniture and items on the move are critical.

Availability and Price

Availability and price are important, but they shouldn’t be the top of your list in selecting local moving companies in Birmingham, AL. If you have a budget talk to the moving company, most will be able to make suggestions to help reduce the cost of the move.

Keep in mind that availability for moving companies will be seasonal as well as based on the time of the week. Summers as well as weekends are always the busiest times, so if you can talk to local moving companies about booking outside of those times availability is easier to work around.

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