Tons of Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth for Your Next Party


Got a party coming up and want to make sure everyone has an amazing time? It might be the time to look into photo booth rental in New York. Photo booths are popular nowadays for everything from weddings to celebrity parties. If you don’t k now much about photo booths, check out why photo booths are the perfect option for your party.

Inexpensive Fun

Photo booths used to be something only celebrities could afford to have at their galas and parties, but times have changed. With rental photo booths popping up across the country, the cost has dropped significantly. Of course, where you live and what features you want will determine the price, but it’s affordable considering the costs of other entertainment options.

No Additional Work

When you choose a photo booth rental in New York, there’s little you have to do to make things happen. You choose a package length and the photo booth shows up when its time for the fun to start. A member of the staff is there the entire time to make sure there are no issues.

Awesome Party Favors

Getting in a photo booth and taking funny pictures with your friends can be extremely fun. It’s also a low-key way to offer a party favor to those who are guests. Some companies offer supplies like picture frames or scrapbooking supplies, so you can feature your photos in your home long after the party is over. You can also typically order prints online, making it easy for guests to get extras later.

Exciting Props

The props are half the fun of a photo booth. People love dressing up in crazy hats, masks, and glasses to take some killer photos with their friends. This can even get the wallflowers out and having some fun. Many companies can also provide special props to fit your party theme for an additional cost.

Choice of Booths

In many cases, rental companies will offer a large selection of photo booths. They may have a traditional booth, along with one that fits extra people in. They might have stand-up booths or stations with green screens. The sky is the limit when working with a professional photo booth rental company in New York.

No matter what sort of party you’re throwing, a photo booth can amp up the excitement. Check out Photo Booth Rentals by ISH Events at website to see your options. You can follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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