Tips for Working with Movers in Louisville


If you had your way, you’d likely prefer for all of your belongings to be able to pack up and move themselves during a major move. As this is unrealistic, the next best thing is to have quality movers in Louisville do the hard work of packing up and moving your personal items for you. A few tips can help you get ready for your moving day when working with a moving company.

Moving to a New House
About a week before your move, make sure you are available when a service representative shows up to your home to prepare all of your appliances to be shipped. Be sure that all of your electrical and mechanical equipment is also appropriately serviced for shipping before the moving truck arrives. Your move coordinator can answer any questions you might have.

Other Pre-Moving Day Tips
On the day prior to your moving day, make note of any extremely fragile items that require special attention. If particular items aren’t supposed to be moved or packed, mark them properly for your movers. Louisville movers also recommend that you label the boxes and items you’ll need right when you get to your destination. These include electronics and valuables. If you are planning to pack everything on your own, make sure all of your packing is done prior to moving day. Meanwhile, if the moving company is helping you pack, collect everything that needs to be packed together, such as the kids’ toys.

Moving Day
Try to be available to watch all of your items being loaded on moving day, and stay nearby until the loading has been completed. After you do a final tour of your house, check your household shipment inventory, and keep a signed copy of it for yourself. Confirm that all of your high-value items are included in your shipment if you have chosen to have them shipped rather than carrying them with you. Also, be sure to shut the water, air conditioner, furnace and light switches off. Finally, make sure all of the residence’s keys have been surrendered and all utilities have been arranged for disconnection.

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