Tips For Working With Industrial Automation Companies In Michigan


Transitioning a manufacturing plant or a production facility in Michigan from a semi-automated control system to a fully automated control system is a big project. It is complex and requires an understanding of both the production technology as well as the industrial automation control systems that are best suited for that type of working environment and system.

While it is possible for in-house engineers to design, develop, install and configure these types of systems, it is highly recommended that the production facility hire an industrial automation company.

These industrial automation companies can offer a range of different services. The more experienced the company is, the more services they tend to offer. Understanding is going to be done in-house and what is needed from the control system integration service will be critical to a smooth transition to full automation.

Understand Your Goals and Desired Outcomes

When talking to industrial automation companies about the project, it is important to have a clear picture of the goals and desired outcomes of the automation. For most companies, these goals will include increased production capacity and consistency, higher levels of quality control in production and increased efficiency and cost savings.

Know Your Budget

Michigan companies, as with companies across the country, need to have a clear picture of the budget for the automation project. These are not low-cost solutions, but the increase in productivity and efficiency combined with a decreased need for manual labor will offset the cost over time.

Knowing your budget is important for the industrial automation companies to be able to work with you on a manageable approach to automation. This may also impact the types of control systems recommended. There may even be the possibility to use the automation company in a consultancy role to the in-house engineering team, which can be an effective option for many facilities.

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