Tips For Watching Free Live Streaming Movies

Tips For Watching Free Live Streaming Movies

Video rental stores are a dying breed now that most people prefer to watch movies and TV shows online, either through a subscription service or an app that provides free live streaming movies. The convenience of pulling up a movie on a tablet, smartphone, or internet-connected TV is unbeatable, and anyone who watches a lot of video will find it cheaper as well. However, not all streaming services offer the same content or the same terms. The following are some of the most popular services for streaming video content.


Netflix was the trailblazer that introduced the concept of streaming movies and TV shows to the American public. Their streaming service first launched in 2007, and now it has 87 million subscribers around the world. It has one of the largest collections of movies and TV programs, including their own content as well as full seasons of cable and network shows. The prices of the different subscription plans range from $7.99 to $11.99. With higher-level plans, viewers can stream on more devices at once.

Amazon Prime Video

In addition to 2-day free shipping, photo storage, and other perks, Amazon Prime offers a large selection of popular movies, TV shows, and original award-winning content. Unlike Netflix, Amazon doesn’t have tiered subscription plans. Users can pay $99 for a year or $11.99 per month for exactly the same service, which includes shared accounts and high dynamic range (HDR) video.


Hulu is another online streaming service that offers unlimited access to current network and cable television shows in addition to a smaller selection of older series and films. Hulu is also getting into the game of creating original content, including the recent award-winning series The Handmaid’s Tale. The basic Hulu subscription is $8.99 and a commercial-free version is available for an extra $4. For $35 per month, users can subscribe to the Live TV plan with local, regional, and on-demand channels.

In addition to the Big 3 above, there are other services that offer viewers free live streaming movies. Some of these smaller services curate content from sites like YouTube and provide collections for viewers to browse. They can watch on their computer or download an app to their preferred device.

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