Tips for Using Terrazzo for a Shower Floor


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. A stylish bathroom depends on the type of flooring used not just in the main areas of the room but also on the shower floor. One of the most creative uses of terrazzo is as a shower floor surface.

  1. Contrast. One way of using terrazzo for a shower floor is choosing a color or style of terrazzo that is completely different from the floor space in the rest of the bathroom. Doing this clearly differentiates between a shower space and the rest of the room, and can be especially attractive in large bathrooms with open floor plans, in which there is an almost seamless connection between the rest of the room and the shower. Using terrazzo to differentiate between the shower and the rest of the room prevents the entire room from looking like one giant shower.
  2. Continuity. The opposite of the contrast look is a continuous terrazzo flooring throughout the bathroom, using the same exact style for the shower. Better for smaller bathrooms with glass shower doors, using the same terrazzo throughout the bathroom creates the illusion of more space in the room and can also be cost-effective as you are buying more of the same terrazzo. If you are worried about the bathroom looking too plain, you can add dramatic accents on the walls or the mirror elements, as well as the surfaces of sinks.
  3. Color. Some of the best colors for shower floors in terrazzo are the colors that remind us of the beach or shoreline: aquatic blues and greens, deeper blues to evoke twilight, and sandy or earthy tones. There is no right or wrong, but gentler and more neutral colors will have more staying power.
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