Tips for Selling Health Club Memberships


So, you’ve realized your dream and opened your very own health club. You’ve put in your equipment, set up your health club membership software, and are ready to sit back and rake in the profits. But something is wrong. You aren’t selling the health club memberships the way you thought you would. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing wrong, then read on below for some of the top tips to help you sell the next customer that walks in the door not only a membership but on fitness as well.

Know Your Health Club

Take every class that you offer, learn to use every piece of equipment that you have in the gym, and know your club in and out. No one wants to buy a membership from someone who dodges their questions about what the club might offer. Know your health club, and soon the memberships will be flying out the door.

Listen to the Suggestions of Your Club Members and Potential Customers

Listen to your club members and your potential customers to see what they would like and what they don’t like about your club, then work to meet their requirements. Concentrate more on what they want, instead of just trying to make the sale.

Show that You are a Professional

Keeping immaculate records is one way to show your potential members how great your club is. This starts by using the best health club membership software to keep track of each and every member that walks through your doors.

These are just a few of the ways that you can sell more health club memberships to the people in your area. Remember, to be professional but friendly, know your club, and be able to describe and tell them how to use every piece of equipment in there. For more information on staying organized through your software, visit iGo Figure today.

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