Tips For Selecting The Best Heat Treating Companies

Tips For Selecting The Best Heat Treating Companies

In the construction, manufacturing and fabrication industries, having reliable partners to work with rather than trying to do everything in-house is not just good business, it can also help to reduce production costs on parts and components.

In the aerospace, energy, construction, heavy equipment manufacturing, automotive and medical equipment and surgical supply industries, finding the right heat treating companies will be critical.

There are several factors to consider when comparing heat treating companies. While the natural first issue may be to consider the price, there are several other equally important considerations. Taking the time to check the options and value-added services offered will provide any business with a full picture of how the heat treating service will fill the needs for the order.

Experience in the Market

The companies that focus exclusively on heat treatment, brazing and coatings for metal parts and components are always the ideal choice. These professionals have the expertise and experience as well as the knowledge of industry standards and requirements to get the job done correctly, and to the tolerances and specifications, their customers require.

Services Offered

In addition to providing heat treating and brazing, many of the top heat treating companies offer a range of value-added services. These can help to streamline the process of assembly, component procurement, machining, inspection, metallurgical lab testing services, parts washing and packaging.

In some cases, additional services can be subcontracted through the heat treating service. These are fully vetted and approved subcontractors, saving the OEM the time and effort in finding a provider.

Company Record

It is essential to ask about the order volume and delivery record of any company under consideration. Companies with a focus on exceeding customer expectations for processes as well as providing custom solutions and on time delivery for small to large volume orders will be a company that is ideal to partner with on one project or continuing orders.

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