Tips for Hiring an AC Contractor in Cheyenne, WY


Wyoming homeowners rely on their air conditioners to keep their homes comfortable during the summer. To keep their systems running in tip-top shape, they use an AC Contractor in Cheyenne WY to perform regular maintenance, make repairs, or install new systems. Homeowners want to know that the contractor they hire will be reliable and do an excellent job. Follow these suggestions to find the right company to service an air conditioning unit.

Word of Mouth

A worthy contractor will have many previous satisfied customers. Talk to neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends about contractors they have used in the past. Ask about their experiences and find out if they would use the company again. Read reviews on local review websites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, or Google and pay particular attention to companies that are mentioned more than once. Keep a short list of recommended companies to contact further.

Hire for a Small Job

Ideally, a homeowner has time to properly research and make a wise choice about a contractor. If the system is not working and the weather is sweltering, the homeowner will need to find someone with quick availability. However, if there is time, try a recommended contractor out and use them for a minor repair or routine maintenance. The homeowner will then be able to see the contractor’s professionalism and skill first hand. Once the job is completed, the homeowner can decide if they want to continue to use that company or choose another option.

Verify Insurance

Only hire a contractor to work in your home if they carry adequate liability and, if appropriate, worker’s compensation insurance. Working with air conditioning units is complicated and sometimes dangerous work. If a homeowner hires a contractor that lacks adequate insurance and an accident happens during the project, the homeowner could be financially liable for any damages that occur. There is just too much risk involved in hiring someone without verifying their insurance coverage ahead of time.

Time to Choose

Once a homeowner has received recommendations, verified insurance coverage, and ideally hired one or more recommended contractors for a small job, they then have the information needed to choose a contractor. They should go with the company they feel will bring the most value and skill. Contact Poudre Valley Air for more information about hiring an AC Contractor in Cheyenne WY. Like us on Facebook.

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