Tips for Finding Quality Auto Repair in Phoenix AZ


For most people, when their car breaks down, they simply pick the first auto repair shop they find to fix their car. The problem with this method is that the owner of the vehicle is at the mercy of the repair shop. The best way to avoid this situation is to do the research and find a trusted repair shop before the emergency happens. Here are some tips on how to find quality auto repair in Phoenix AZ.

The first tip is to talk to family members and friends about their experiences. Talking to people is much better than relying on internet reviews and comments because there is an opportunity to ask more questions. Internet reviews are helpful and plenty, but often times they do not offer very many details. The comments and reviews are made anonymously and typically only state if they had a good or a bad experience. Another good reason to talk to people is because many shops offer some type of referral incentive or program.

The second tip is to check qualifications and experience. Most repair shops are very proud to display their certificates of training and their years of experience. Many years of experiences shows that the mechanics have seen almost everything and those experiences come in handy. It is also an added bonus of the repair shop has mechanics that specialize in certain models or areas of expertise. It is also a great sign if the repair shop shows certificates for continuing education. This shows that the shop is keeping up with technology and methods for repairing vehicles.

The last tip is to get estimates from multiple repair shops for any work done. While cost is an important factor, it should not be the only deciding factor. Picking a repair shop because they offer the least expensive repairs might not be the best deal in the long run if the vehicle wasn’t repaired properly. On the other hand, the most expensive repair shop doesn’t necessarily mean the best work. When comparing estimates, do not hesitate to ask the mechanic to explain the estimate in detail. If the mechanic or shop won’t take the time to explain anything, it is time to move onto another repair shop.

Those three tips will make finding quality auto repair in Phoenix AZ very easy. For more information or an estimate on work, contact Joe’s Auto.

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