Tips for Collectors of Tobacco Pipes in Long Island


Tobacco pipe smoking has been a tradition for centuries and it is still very enticing today. There are many people who very much enjoy smoking their pipes and collecting a variety of pipes and accessories. Long Island just happens to be a hot spot for collectors and this is why there are so many great places here that can be found where supplies can be purchased. tobacco pipes in Long Island may be a popular thing, but there are many new collectors who are yet to learn how to properly care for their pipes. If this sounds familiar to you as a new collector and you would like to have pipes that last for many years down the road, here are a few good tips to help get you started.

High Quality Pipes Are Well Worth the Price

It may seem crazy to you to spend a great deal of money on a pipe when you get a similar design for a fraction of the price, but the higher quality pipes will cost more money. Furthermore, high quality pipes will last a lot longer if they are taken care of and properly stored. It can be well worth the expense to invest in a pipe that will last you much longer than less expensive varieties. Therefore, when shopping for tobacco pipes in Long Island, do not always opt for the cheapest thing that you can find.

Always Empty Pipes After Use

You may be tempted to allow the leftover tobacco to stay in the pipe once it has extinguished and you are done smoking. However, the tobacco that is already burnt can compromise the structure of your pipe by breaking down its internal components if it stored to long. It is best to lightly tap free any burnt residue after each use.

proper Storage Is Key

Just as you would not store your expensive cigars or tobacco in certain areas, you must also be careful about where and how you store your pipes. Most pipes are made of soft woods that can be damaged with too much exposure to direct sunlight or high humidity. Store your pipes away in a cool dry place away from the sun for added protection.

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