Tips For Choosing Oxygen Cleaning Companies In Massachusetts

Tips For Choosing Oxygen Cleaning Companies In Massachusetts

For parts used in very specific types of environments, particularly where issues with combustion or component efficiency are of concern, the use of oxygen cleaning companies will be important. In Massachusetts, there are only a small number of companies able to handle small or large demand for this very specialized type of service, at least to the level that is required in specific industry standards.

There are several important factors to keep in mind when making a choice for the company. This is not a decision that should be made without research and a good understanding of the company’s reputation, experience and even in their additional services offered.

Time in the Business

While new companies can be a good option to use for many different types of processes and services, for this particular task it is a very wise decision to choose from oxygen cleaning companies with a significant amount of time in the business.

Not only are these companies set up to handle orders quickly and within the required delivery time, but they also have the processes in place to provide full traceability for verification and validation. Additionally, these companies have the quality control in place to ensure the process is completed to industry standards and specifications.

Company Commitment

With regards to quality control and working to customer and industry standards, a top indicator to look for in any of the Massachusetts oxygen cleaning companies is the ISO 9001-2008 designation.

This is a voluntary certification that a company undergoes to ensure they are using a process for quality control throughout their production, installation and services. Many companies start the certification process but don’t complete it as it requires rigorous standards and an audit by a certification body.

This is a significant commitment for the company. As certification as to be maintained on a regular basis, it is a lot of work for a business but well worth the effort in developing quality control from start to finish.

Industry Specific Experience

In addition to just having a proven track record in oxygen cleaning and related services, look for a company that has experience in your industry. Most companies will specialize in working within specific fields such as semiconductor, medical device manufacturing or pharmaceutical industries while others may have the facilities, staff and experts to provide a wider range of options for the complete range of applications.

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