Tips For A Great Lawn


A healthy lawn is much more than just a beautiful carpet surrounding your home, your lawn is like a huge air conditioner especially for your garden, a well maintained and healthy lawn keeps your garden cool through the heat of the summer. Proper lawn care in Houston ensures that you and your family remain healthy as well as it captures dust and allergens as well as releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Keep your lawn at its best by following a few tips.

   * The right height: Grass which is a little long is grass which is healthy. By keeping your grass height at three inches or so you shade the soil which keeps weed seeds from germinating, the soils also stays cool. Longer grass keeps water in the soil longer which in turn promotes root growth which will halp your grass survive during a period of drought.

Although three inches is an ideal height, early in the season cut it shorter; this will help remove the old, dead growth allowing the sun to reach the soil and the grass roots easier. As the growing season progresses, raise the blade height little by little.

   * Keep your mower blade sharp: A sharp blade is needed to ensure a clean and even cut. A dull blade tends to tear the grass rather than cut it, this is the primary cause of the grass turning yellow. Sharpen the blade frequently and keep your lawn free from rocks and other impediments.

   * Don’t overwater during a drought: Grass roots can survive for months without water. Of course, if you want a beautiful green lawn water heavily but infrequently. The object of watering is to encourage root growth and this means deep watering. Simple light watering does little, as a matter of fact it can do more harm than good.

When your desire is to have a beautiful, lush lawn it is not necessarily how hard you work at it, but how smart. For more information contact website.

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