Time for Water Heater Replacements in Mount Vernon

Time for Water Heater Replacements in Mount Vernon

The convenience of hot water isn’t fully appreciated until there is a problem and a household is without a hot water supply. Unfortunately, many do not realize their hot water is about to go out until it is too late. Since water heaters are in basements, crawlspaces and areas that aren’t visible on a daily basis, things can slip up. There are a few things to watch for to help stay ahead of a water heater breakdown. When repair isn’t an option, Water Heater Replacements in Mount Vernon are necessary.


Most plumbers will agree that a hot water heater should be replaced if it has been used for 10 years or more. The actual hot water heater has a manufacturing date on it so this is a good place to check if you are not sure when it was installed in the home. A plumber who specializes in Water Heater Replacements in Mount Vernon can provide homeowners with fast and affordable water heater services, restoring the hot water supply in no time.

Water Accumulation

Make a point to check the water heater occasionally. Anytime there is water pooling around the water heater, this is a sign that there are leaks and this warrants immediate attention. A plumber can diagnose whether the leak is coming from the heater or a pipe fitting. If it turns out that it is coming from the heater, they will be able to repair or replace the water heater to ensure that there is no imminent damage. Not addressing this issue can lead to water damage and even more of a headache.


If all of the sudden the water heater has started making unusual rumbling sounds, it is time to have it inspected by an expert. In most situations, water heaters are making noise because of precipitates that form a hard layer and settle at the bottom. In this case, the plumber will more than like recommend getting the water heater replaced.

Being aware of these signs will keep problems at bay, keeping a hot water supply and avoiding a flooded basement or worse, the main living area of a home. LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating has been servicing the area since 1951. They repair, install and maintain residential and commercial water heaters. The specialists can help in selecting the most efficient hot water heater for the home. Visit Lavergneplumbing.com for more information.

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