Three Ways to Make a Beautiful Landscape


The lawn and yard of a home can either make or break the entire appearance of that home. It also can add to the value or take away from the value of the home. While many intricate landscaping tasks should be done by a professional landscaper, there are a few simple ways to make a beautiful Landscape without the help of an expert.

Harmony Between The Home and Landscape

The home and the outside appearance of the home should match as close as possible. They should be in harmony. For example, a home that is colored blue would not look good with outdoor planted flowers that are colored red. The two colors just do not match. Instead, for a blue home, try flowers that are also in different shades of blue. Avoid tackily mismatched colors. The outdoor plants should also match the style of the home. For example, a ranch styled home would look awesome with smaller sized plants. This is because a ranch styled home is smaller itself. Therefore, larger sized plants would just look overwhelming in compared to the size of the house.

Elevation Changes

Adding different elevations to a lawn can do the world of good. Not only does it make the entire property look more attractive, but it also makes the Landscape look more interesting. To do this, simply use a boulder to break up the flatness of the lawn. If using a boulder is not an option, try using mounded soil to add a bit of height to certain areas of the lawn.

Determine Functional Aspects

Small functional add-ons such as Koi ponds, vegetable gardens, playgrounds, and gazebos can really make a lawn pop. Before physically working on the lawn, draw up a sketch of how you would like the lawn to look once the landscaping renovation is finalized. Add all the functional aspects to that sketch to see what location this eye-catching pieces would look best and make the most sense.

Follow these three simple tips to make a beautiful landscape without going broke. For any questions or for even more lawn care tips, visit Madison Earthcare.

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