Three Types Of Commercial Truck Scales


Companies and industries employ truck scales globally. A vast array of businesses finds it necessary to weigh the contents of vehicles carting their materials or finished products. For those who operate a retail business, industry or trucking firm anywhere from Fort Worth TX to London England, commercial truck scales are not optional. They are necessary for doing business.

Three Types of Truck Scales

Truck scales determine the exact weight of bulk goods. The truck stands on the scales while the device provides the desired information. The style, size, and configuration of commercial truck scales will vary according to the requirements and specifications of each company. However, different truck weighing scales function differently. Below are three basic types of truck scales available in Fort Worth TX.

1. Load Cell Scales: The most common of truck scales, this type is designed especially for this use. The process is simple. At least one load cell in the system contains a strain gauge. When the strain gauge (either compression or tension) is subjected to weight, i.e., the load on the concrete or steel platform/surface covering the load cell, the force causes it to send off an electrical signal. A junction box close by uses sensors to measure the different variations in the current/signal sent, therefore producing the correct weight calculation.

2. Bending Plate Scales: Instead of load cells, these scales use metal plates attached to strain gauges. Weight to the plates causes stress. The strain gauges then determine the amount of stress on each plate to conclude the weight residing on each. The total weight is the sum of these figures. Bending plate systems are either permanent or portable.

Commercial Truck Scales

It is important to have accurate and appropriate commercial truck scales. Whatever its application, be sure you understand the different types. This will simplify selection and minimize the risk while improving business operations in Fort Worth TX.

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