Three Top Techniques That Can Detect When to Undertake Machine Alignment in Austin

Three Top Techniques That Can Detect When to Undertake Machine Alignment in Austin

Machine alignment is a familiar term in the maintenance industry. Experts advise that there is no adequate replacement for machine alignment. Misalignment is a common cause for the breakdown of machines every year. In support of this, no lubricant can safeguard from misalignment of machinery. It is safer to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to maintenance of machines. Aside from breakdowns, misalignment also leads to increased friction along the bearing surfaces. There are many technologies in place today that can predict misalignment. Provided is a guide for the top three predictive techniques on when to undertake machine alignment in Austin.

Laser Alignment

The laser alignment makes use of lasers to align machinery with accuracy and precision. The laser beam directs to a sensor, and the sensor transmits data to a device which decodes information and translates it to data which enables the user to convert it. Lase alignment is also able to establish a machine’s thermal expansion capacity and other potential issues. The downside to this technology is the hours of downtime and workforce required to execute the task.

Vibration Analysis

This technique works by using vibration to detect any defect in a machine. Different parts of the machinery are subjected to vibration to detect any change in vibration response, mechanical stability and critical speeds. It is advisable to take different samples to ascertain whether the machine breakdown is as a result of misalignment when using this technique. Normal vibration readings are generally in the 1x range for axial vibration and 2X for radial vibration.


An outcome of misalignment in machinery is the wearing out of surfaces which translates to increased friction. This ultimately causes a rise in temperature within the machinery. A heat map is used by a technician to pick out areas exhibiting abnormal hot spots. Although the increase in temperature for machines is not a cause for alarm, frequent spot checks are advisable.

For proper alignment, it is advisable to consider top-notch Machine Alignment in Austin services. The right kind of workforce and machinery will guarantee exceptional delivery of service and early detection of misalignment before a breakdown. Click here for more information.

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