Three Super Easy Ways to Save Money on Kitchen Remodeling

Three Super Easy Ways to Save Money on Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling a kitchen can be quite expensive. While splurging will happen, going for broke does not always need to happen too. Follow these three simple rules to keep costs down while still getting the most out of the remodel.

Mid-Priced Appliances

Purchasing new appliances typically come with the Kitchen Remodeling territory. If money is not an issue, there is no reason not to spend a ton on new kitchen appliances. However, for most of us, the appliances we have in our kitchen is not the most important aspect. Instead of purchasing the most elaborate and fancy refrigerator and stove, opt for a mid-priced alternative. With so many different kitchen appliance manufacturers out now a day, there are sure to be some inexpensive and great looking models that won’t break the bank. The money saved from not purchasing high-priced appliances can be used toward more important aspects of the kitchen, such as the counter-tops and cabinets.

Remodel in Stages

Instead of doing the remodel all at one time, try spreading it out to a few projects at a time. This will allow you to save some money between the small projects. In turn, dishing out a lump sum of money at one time will not be an issue. For example, try to install the counter-tops and cabinets one week and then take a week or two breaks from remodeling. Following the break, install the backsplashes next. As long as the appliances, electrical wiring, and lighting are in proper working order, there’s really no need to rush the process. Spreading out the projects will also help the remodel become less stressful.

Keep Old Flooring

Flooring is another very expensive part of a remodel. If possible, keep the flooring that you already have. Instead of spending thousands on brand new tiles, simply try to match the new custom cabinets and counter-tops to the old flooring. Just make sure the design and color scheme match and look good together.

Follow these three simple and useful money saving tips for Kitchen Remodeling. For help determining a remodeling budget that works for you, contact Guedes Construction Inc.

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