Three Signs That Indicate Residential Basement Leakage


Homeowners should perform regular inspections of their basements to ensure they’re not leaking. Cracks in basement walls and floors can cause water damage, and if they’re not quickly repaired, they can get bigger and cause excessive damage to the home. Homeowners should learn the signs of a wet basement by reading the information below. If any of these signs are present, homeowners should contact a company that specializes in Residential Basement Leakage as soon as possible.

Mold Growth And Mildew Odor

When homeowners walk into their basement and immediately detect an odor of mildew, this is a sure sign of moisture in the basement. Individuals who have items, such as clothing, books or furniture, stored in the basement will often smell a strong mildew odor on their belongings. Along with the smell of mildew, homeowners will often see mold growing along the bottom portion of basement walls and on their stored items. Since mold growth in the home is unhealthy, homeowners should quickly contact a professional to find and repair any cracks in the basement.

Water Stains On The Walls Or Floor

Homeowners may not see any water on the floor or walls if they don’t go down into the basement very often or soon after it rains. If the water has already dried up in the basement, homeowners can detect water leakage by examining the walls and floor for water stains. On the floor, these will look like irregular shaped stains that have a dark border around the edges. Homeowners will see long stains running down to the floor if there are cracks in the walls.

Wet Basement Floor

This is a very obvious sign of a basement leak, but sometimes homeowners see water on their basement floor and don’t realize that this is a real problem. If the water doesn’t seem to be coming from an appliance in the basement, such as the water heater or washer, homeowners should contact an experienced company that specializes in Residential Basement Leakage.

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