Three Requirements to Complete During Cosmetology School in Kansas City

Three Requirements to Complete During Cosmetology School in Kansas City

Women and men looking to attend cosmetology school in Kansas should be prepared for the amount of hours and work they will have to put in to become a certified stylist. Cosmetology School in Kansas City provides hands-on training throughout multiple courses. There are three main requirements that students will have to complete while taking this class. Each student should be prepared for the amount of work that will be expected.

1500 Class Hours

Between each of the courses, a total of 1500 class hours will need to be completed. The first course is 12 weeks long and provides 320 hours. This is divided into approximately 28 hours per week. The second course is 680 hours and requires about 36 hours each week. The final course provides the remaining 500 hours, split into approximately 36 hour weeks.

Three Separate Courses

The three courses that make up the program all need to be completed in order to become board certified. The first course is called New Talent and is a basic introduction, class. Shampooing, perms, straightening, coloring, cutting, and other basic procedures will be taught. The second course walks students through color theory, applying proper techniques depending on customer hair style and texture, and even recognizing certain skin and scalp conditions that should be referred to a physician. This is known as the Designer 1 class. Students will take their written exam after this course is completed. The final course is Designer 2 and provides students with knowledge about business ownership and running a salon. The practical exam will be taken after this course.

Board Exams

Two separate exams will need to be completed during cosmetology school. The first is the written exam to become board certified. It is taken after 1000 hours of a class have been completed. After the remaining 500 hours are finished, students will take the practical exam, where they will show the skills they have learned. After both portions are passed, students will be a certified stylist and can seek employment in any salon environment they choose.

Cosmetology School in Kansas City provides students with the opportunity to learn not only to cut hair, but how to properly assess scalp conditions, apply color theory, and perform an assortment of beauty skills to their customers. Get additional info here regarding class sign ups and financial aid.

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