Three Reasons Why Dental Implants In Puyallup WA Are A Better Option Than Dentures


Individuals who need dentures should consider getting dental implants instead. Although dental implants are more costly, they provide many benefits and conveniences that individuals won’t have when wearing dentures. Read the information below to learn three reasons why Dental Implants in Puyallup WA are a better option than dentures.

Comfort and Convenience

One of the most common complaints of denture wearers is that their dentures are uncomfortable. Many people who wear dentures only put them in their mouth when they eat because they are so uncomfortable to wear. When individuals have dental implants, they feel just like natural teeth and there won’t be any discomfort.

Dentures are inconvenient for many people because they have to take them out of their mouth to clean and soak them. Many people also have to use an adhesive on their dentures so they’ll stay in place. This inconvenience doesn’t occur when individuals have dental implants.

Natural Appearance

It’s often easy to tell when people are wearing dentures because their teeth don’t look natural. Dentures can also affect the way a person speaks and this is another obvious clue that the person is a denture wearer. Since dental implants are securely fastened in the jaw bone, they won’t move around in a person’s mouth and they look completely natural.

When individuals who wear dentures cough or sneeze, their dentures can fly out of their mouth. This embarrassing situation is avoided by people who opt for dental implants.

Permanent Solution

Individuals who wear dentures often need to have a new set of dentures made if their set becomes lost, broken or worn out. As a person ages and their jaw bone and gums change, their dentures may fail to fit properly.

Dental Implants in Puyallup WA will last a person a lifetime because they’re anchored into the jawbone and they’ll never need to be replaced. Individuals who have dental implants will enjoy a better quality of life because they can eat any type of foods they want and they won’t have teeth issues ever again.

Individuals who are interested in learning more about dental implants can contact Meridian South Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation. This dental clinic also provides additional dentistry services including prevention, cosmetic dentistry and dental treatments.

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