Things to Consider Before Getting a Neck Lift


As people get older, it’s relatively common for excess fat to deposit under the chin and for the skin around the neck and lower face to relax, creating jowls or hanging skin. People who want to look younger sometimes search for a solution for this problem. One potential alternative is to get a Neck Lift, also called a lower rhytidectomy. Understanding the pros and cons of this surgery will make the decision easier.

Potential Results

People often appear more rested and younger looking after this surgery, with less of a problem with hanging or loose skin. However, sometimes results aren’t as expected and further surgery may be necessary. In rare cases, the face may appear asymmetrical after the surgery, for example.

Cost Considerations

The cost of a neck lift can be considerable, especially when you take into consideration that it isn’t typically covered by insurance. On average, the surgery itself costs about $4,389, not including other related expenses such as those related to anesthesia and the use of the operating room facilities, which further increase the price. Other factors that can affect the cost include the experience of the surgeon and where in the country the surgery is performed.

Potential Risks

Only people in good health can get this type of surgery to help minimize any potential risks. Before undergoing a surgery, such as a Neck Lift, it’s important to consider the potential risks. These could include numbness, pain, bleeding, complications due to anesthesia, accumulation of fluid, scarring, infection, swelling, skin discoloration, poor wound healing or, rarely, nerve injury.

Recovery Period

During the recovery period, you’ll have a bandage around your neck as well as a tube to drain any extra fluid. You’ll need to take medications and keep your head elevated and straight to help minimize any potential complications. You won’t be able to wear clothes that have to go over your head, as movement of the neck needs to be limited during the recovery period. The full results won’t be clear for up to 6 months, and it may take at least several weeks to months for all of the swelling to disappear.

Contact David K. Hiranaka, M.D., D.M.D. or their Facebook page for more information on cosmetic surgery alternatives.

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