The Various Methods for Handling a Rollover in Colusa, CA

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Investment Services

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While it would be nice if a person could find investments that would last forever, sometimes, certain investments start to slow down over the years. In other cases, a person’s investment strategy may change, and moving funds from one investment to another may be financially beneficial in order to meet their financial goals. In any situation, when investment funds need to go from one account to another, the account owner will need to initiate a Rollover in Colusa.

A Rollover is Common

Moving funds from an employer-sponsored 401(k), for example, to an IRA account happens all the time. If a person no longer works at a job that they have invested in a 401(k) plan, they will need to do something with that money, and if they are still in the process of saving for retirement, the funds for the 401(k) will need to go to some other type of retirement account. This is where a rollover is so beneficial.

The Many Options

It is important, however, to consider that different rollovers need to be handled in different ways. For example, if a person is rolling over funds in a traditional or a Roth IRA to something like a precious metal IRA, the rollover process will need to be handled much differently than rolling over funds from a 401(k) plan to another type of retirement plan. The reason for this is that if the owner of the IRA is perceived as taking money out of an IRA, even if it is to go to a self-directed or a precious metal IRA, those IRA funds could potentially be taxable.

Professional Assistance

In many of these instances, when an investor wants to be creative in rolling over funds from a traditional retirement account to an out of the ordinary or alternative account, special care will need to be taken. In order to facilitate this particular type of Rollover in Colusa, the investor may look to the services of a financial advisor or a wealth management company to facilitate these types of investment shifts.

Whether you’re looking to be creative with current retirement funds or perhaps you have yet to begin saving for retirement, a wealth management service may be precisely what you need. To learn more about what these services have to offer, and how they can benefit you, you may want to contact us.

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