The Unique Benefits of Aquascapes in Brookfield, WI

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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Installing an outdoor aquascape in the yard provides residents with their own private oasis. The sound of water trickling down a personal waterfall creates a soothing soundscape, and the addition of fish and acquatic plants bring a little bit of nature right into the back yard. But the benefits of aquascapes in Brookfield WI are not limited to their relaxation value.

Aquascapes can be integrated into existing landscape features, creating a unique and beautiful yard. In comparison to uninterrupted grass lawns, remarkably little maintenance is required to keep them looking beautiful and contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the yard. The addition of custom features like waterfalls, fountains, and carefully chosen fish and aquatic plants decrease the amount of maintenance that must be performed by properly aerating the water to avoid algae growth and keep the system in balance. In addition to impressing neighbors and visitors, properly designed aquascapes can actually raise the property value of the home. Future buyers will appreciate the relaxing sounds and natural beauty just as much as current residents.

People aren’t the only ones to benefit from outdoor Aquascapes in Brookfield WI. They also create a habitat for beneficial animals. As a fully functioning little mini-ecosystem, an aquascape will attract birds, frogs, butterflies, and sometimes even turtles! These critters all contribute to the surrounding landscape both through their inherent natural beauty and by acting as predators to keep bug populations under control. Some homeowners are concerned about mosquitoes when installing a new aquascape. With the right design and the addition of fish such as goldfish or koi a small pond can actually reduce the number of mosquitoes present in the yard. Koi fish are beautiful in their own right, but on a practical level they are a great addition to an outdoor aquascape as they are very efficient at keeping bug populations at bay.

The versatility provided by having a system professionally designed means that the unique needs of any landscape and household can be met without sacrificing any of their benefits; aquascapes come in all shapes and sizes! Check out website to find out more about aquascapes and available custom design features today.

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