The Three Required Kinds of Car Insurance In San Jose

The Three Required Kinds of Car Insurance In San Jose

Even the most careful and responsible of drivers can end up causing an accident. A single moment of distraction or poor judgment can lead to a damaging collision. Because of this and for other important reasons, California mandates every driver carry a certain amount of insurance coverage. Obtaining Car Insurance In San Jose from providers like Coast Auto Insurance is always simple to do.

The Right Types and Levels of Coverage According to the Law and Specific Circumstances

While there are laws dictating the minimum amounts of coverage that need to be maintained, every driver’s situation is unique. Most drivers will wish to both observe the relevant laws and also add coverage to account for their own financial and other details. Some of the kinds of Car Insurance In San Jose that are most significant in these respects include:

  • Liability.
  • Regulations in California dictate that all drivers must maintain minimum liability coverage amounts of $30,000 per accident and $15,000 for each person involved. This type of coverage kicks in when a driver is judged at fault, covering the expenses of the victims. Drivers who have significant assets will almost always want to maintain more coverage than the law requires. That is the best way of making sure an accident does not end up putting a home, bank account balance, or other types of wealth at risk.
  • Property.
  • Drivers are also required to maintain coverage that applies when properties of other kinds end up being damaged. A driver who veers off the road and destroys a fence can be made to pay for the damage, and this type of insurance applies in such situations. State laws establish a minimum level of $5,000 of this kind of coverage although many drivers, as before, take out more.
  • Uninsured motorists.
  • Finally, drivers are also required to carry insurance that covers them when an uninsured motorist causes an injury. The same $15,000 and $30,000 limits that apply to liability coverage apply here.

More Peace of Mind on the Roads

While few enjoy paying for insurance coverage in general, the protection it affords can easily prove to be invaluable. Drivers of all situations do well to work with insurance experts in the area to figure out the best way to proceed.

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